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For 50 years, Canada's NDP has championed the cause of equality and social justice. It was the NDP in Saskatchewan in 1944 under then Premier Tommy Douglas that first established a publicly funded health care program. Canada would follow suit, along with other programs to ensure every retired Canadian has a pension plan, and greatly expanded Canada's social safety net, all of which were led by the NDP.

The NDP would continue to punch above it's weight, helping establish a national housing program, new elections act regulations, and in 2005 under Jack Layton, would rewrite the Liberal Budget of Prime Minister Paul Martin to invest in affordable housing, public transit, and worker training. It was called the "NDP Budget".

Under Tom Mulcair, the NDP standss against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Bill C-51, and called for respect for First Nations rights and title in relation to the Site C dam project. The NDP has called for a renewed commitment to pay-equity, and Victoria NDP MP Murray Rankin is working hard as the Vice-Chair on Special Joint Committee on Physician-Assisted Dying, appointed by Parliament to make recommendations on a federal response to the Supreme Court's landmark decision in the Carter case.

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The federal riding of Victoria stretches from Cadboro Bay to Vic West, encompassing all of Oak Bay and Victoria, as well as parts of Saanich.

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