Murray Rankin: Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

As we mark the International Day to End Violence Against Women, I want to recognize the tireless work of so many groups across our community, from downtown to our college and university campuses, that work every day toward eradicating violence, sheltering women and children facing violence, and supporting survivors.

In a statement today, Tom Mulcair spoke of the unacceptable violence facing women in Canada, particularly Indigenous women: “We still don’t condemn sexual and gender-based violence as loudly as we should. We make excuses or we look the other way… We all have a role to play in rejecting the quiet tolerance of violence against women.”

As Justice critic for Canada’s progressive opposition, I look forward to working with Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould on a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous women. In Parliament, my colleagues and I will continue to work toward the implementation of ideas we fought for in the last parliament, including a comprehensive federal gender violence strategy.

NDP will reinstate door-to-door mail delivery

The elimination of home mail delivery has already begun in Vic West. Residents there have shared with me their concerns...

Posted by Murray Rankin on Thursday, 21 May 2015

Earth Day walk with Rachel Parent and Murray Rankin

It was a great day in Victoria as people from all over gathered on the lawn of the Legislative Assembly of BC in solidarity for Peace and the Planet. You can see a report from CHEK News here.

It was an especially good day for supporters of labelling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), as Rachel Parent of Kids Right to Know joined local activists to promote her work to make sure that GMO labelling becomes the norm in Canadian food manufacturing.

Rachel was joined by Victoria NDP MP Murray Rankin, who has put a motion forward in the federal House of Commons to require mandatory labelling of GMO foods. You can read more about Murray's motion here, and sign the petition to support mandatory labelling of GMO foods here.

From Murray Rankin's Desk: Calling for action on jailing of Raif Badawi

This afternoon, I joined MPs of all parties to meet Ensaf Haidar and hear the story of her husband, Raif Badawi, a blogger imprisoned in Saudi Arabia and sentenced to a thousand lashes for exercising his right to free expression. In the House today, New Democrats urged the Prime Minister to take action, speak to the Saudi government, and call for the new king to exercise clemency.

Ensaf and her three children have been welcomed into Canada as refugees and now live in Sherbrooke, Quebec. We will continue to urge all parliamentarians to keep sustained pressure on the government of Saudi Arabia to release her husband immediately.

From Murray Rankin's Desk: The rumbles continued

Over the past few weeks, a number of constituents have written to me expressing concern that the noise from U.S. Navy jets on Whidbey Island has increased. To see what can be done, I’m drafting a letter to our Minister of Foreign Affairs and I’d like your input.

If you’ve been disturbed by the noise, please email me the details (where, when, how loud, and how long) so I can relay an accurate report from Victoria.

You can send your reports to with the subject line: “Rumbles”

From Murray Rankin's Desk: Dee Gordon's Autism Awareness walk

I was honoured to speak at the rally for Dee Gordon's Autism Awareness Walk today. Dee walked almost 500km to Parliament Hill in the dead of winter to call on the Government of Canada to institute a national autism strategy. All Members of Parliament and Senators need to put aside partisan politics to make this happen.