From Murray Rankin's Desk: A better deal for urban workers

For young people wondering whether their internship will lead to a job, new data from the federal government paint a bleak picture. Out of 961 unpaid interns employed by the government since 2008, just 22 were subsequently hired on. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs, which has faced sustained criticism for its declining service to veterans amidst sweeping funding and job cuts, has the worst record of all. Out of 142 unpaid interns, just one was later hired as a paid employee.

Today’s disclosures are the result of a written question by my New Democrat colleague Lauren Liu, who has tabled a private member’s bill to crack down on the exploitation of unpaid interns.

As part of a national Urban Workers Strategy, New Democrats in Parliament have called for the rules to be strengthened to prevent the misuse of unpaid internships. If you or someone you know is looking for work and finding only unpaid internships, sign the petition and share your story at 

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